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We publish known problems here.

Game shows "No Video available"

If you can’t watch ads, unfortunately, we can do nothing as game developers. This is controlled by our 3rd party ad provider.

Most common problem:

  • Make sure you have internet.

  • Try switching from WiFi to mobile data.

If that doesn't help:

  • Whenever you attempt to watch an ad, there is a real-time auction in the background.

  • Advertisers make bids on the placement you see.

  • If you watch too many ads, but never interact with those ads, advertisers might decide it's not "worth" it for them to pay more money to show you ads.

  • You can try to reset your ad id (Google how to do it for your device).

  • You can force quit the game and restart it.

  • If that does not help: you will have to wait and try at a later point.

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