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What’s new in the game?

Latest release (1.31.0)

Version 1.31.0

New Area: Pyramids (Endgame)

  • Added this new endgame area

  • Face ancient enemies that want to see you mummified

New Adventure: Artificer

  • Added the Artificer, a smart hero from the Mechanist League

  • Mastering flying blades, the Artificer carves his paths through hordes with precision and skill

  • A true AFK hero that gets only stronger the more enemies he can mow down

Faction Wars

  • Added stages 21-40

  • Decreased amount of energy cost per run for diamond pass holders by 5

Run Checkpoints

  • Improved checkpoints so crashes and app closes won't make you lose tickets

  • We have added run checkpoints to Guild Event, Boss Brawl and Faction Wars

  • Increased checkpoint frequency from every 2 minutes to every 1 minute

  • Level-ups are seeded, therefore exploit won't be possible (e.g. Boss Brawl)


  • Fixed big hero shard offer appearing earlier than small one.

  • Fixed portal gems top bar not leading to the shop upon tapping.

  • Fix Mechanical Colossus jump warning not disappearing after death.

  • Fixed weapon damage stats in boss brawl.

  • Fixed item visibility on guild leaderboard.

  • Fixed reopening hero window from adventure screen leading to missing hero description.

  • Fixed Tide warden ultimate not working bug.

  • Fixed Dragon Empress weapon best used with duplication.

  • Fixed not enough currency panel content size fitting

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