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What’s new in the game?

Latest Release Notes Version 1.41.0

New Adventure: The Hoplite
  • Meet this Greek infantry soldier, wielding his spear and throwing his shield.

  • Adventure goes live on April 23rd.

Rise of the Warlord
  • Launching on April 26th.

  • Participate in the Exchange Event, battling elites and bosses to collect War Tokens.

  • Exchange War Tokens for valuable items and summon the mighty Warlord.

  • Unleash devastating swings with his War Axe, leaving enemies bleeding in its wake.

New Endgame Area: Fae Forest
  • Encounter the magical mischief of Fairies and other powerful enemies in the Fae Forest.

Miscellaneous Updates
  • Flying enemies are now consistently positioned above all background visuals.

  • Expanded visibility mode to include more weapons.

  • Resolved crash issue when opening the game via guild invite with the app fully closed (iOS only).

  • Addressed enemy pathfinding issues in Conquest Mode during Faction Wars defense.

  • Improved perceived randomness of keys at the end of chapters.

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